Contractor Body

The Contractor Body is a very useful and popular body. We always carry a number of this body type. The Contractor Body is flatbed with a tapered headboard, a top bed mounted box that generally has an open top lid as a Service Body does, short gates around the rear of the bed, either removable or fold-down, a load divider across the bed at the end of the upper bed boxes, a HD tapered leg rack, underbed boxes and a class IV receiver and trailer plug. Because of all of the features in this body, you can see why it is very popular. It has plenty of room for larger things in the bed area and keeps tools out of sight and under lock and key in the tool boxes.

The Contractor Body comes in different lengths, starting a 9'. The most common lengths are 10' and 12'. It is available in a 14' or longer if you like. The most common is 12'. All of the main body companies all build their Contractor Body with the features mentioned above. Some have an option we call the Super Contractor which has larger size boxes on top of the bed and contains drawers. This increases storage capacity and usefulness.